Essay Topic:

What are the qualities of a good neighbor? (3)


1. From the very beginning of the development of the society people live in small groups. This helps them to face any problem easier.

In my opinion a neighbor must be first and foremost a good friend, secondly a person with good manners and finally a sober-minded one. I will prove the importance of these qualities one by one so you could understand my position.

The importance of a neighbor to be also a good friend can be proved by the following example. This week, one of my neighbors was hit by a car. When this happened I was staying at the balcony with my father, so we rushed out of the house and took our neighbor to the hospital. If we came ten minutes later she would had died. That's why I think a neighbor must be a good friend that would always help you.

If you have a neighbor with good manners, being neighbors becomes a pleasure for both of you. A day begins batter if you get a "Good morning" from a smiling and nice person.

And finally, if your neighbor is a wise person you can always get a good advice from him; he can always help you with to solve some difficult problem.

In conclusion, a neighbor must be an example of a man from a developed society, because only then he can represent all the qualities mentioned above. 


2. Neighbors are part of our daily lives. They are part of the process of socialization. Socialization is the process in which we interact with other people. In our lives we are always trying to look for a good area to live, a nice house, and most important of all good neighbors. This will influence in the decision of either moving to the area, or star looking for another area. In my opinion a good neighbor will be those who are respectful, friendly, and helpful.

  The first quality that good neighbors should have is to be respectful. respect is the most important aspect of being good neighbor. Neighbors should respect your space and privacy in order to live in a peaceful environment. Being a respectful neighbor means not invading your personal space as well as your property. Another example will be to maintain a quiet environment not allowing loud music, or noise that will bother others. Respect to one another is the most important quality that a neighbor should have in order to live in harmony.

  Another quality of a good neighbor is that it should be friendly. All people should be friendly to one another, but this quality is most important when it comes to neighbors. Neighbors are close to you, to your home, property and most important to your family. You might not see them every day, but they live next to you all the time. These are the reasons why they should be friendly. One of the ways to be friendly is by showing they care about you, and they should welcome you to their neighborhood. Friendly neighbors make a good and united society.

      The last quality of good neighbor is that it should be helpful. Neighbors as well as everyone should be helpful to one another. Helpfulness is a characteristic that everyone should have. A helpful neighbor is that, that in the times of need is there for you. For example, if a person is in a situation where he/she need a moral support for the lost a loving family member, the neighbor should give this person all the support he/she might need and encourage he/she that they can count on them no matter what.

     Overall good neighbors are those whom are respectful in every way. Friendly, that every time you see them they greet you with a good smile. And good neighbors are those whom are helpful when ever you need a supporting hand.


3. Neighbors are the people who live closest to us, so close that their maybe only a cemented wall separating their abodes. Therefore, i believe that a person has many responsibilities towards his neighbors. In my opinion the qualities of a good neighbor are, that he should be helpful, friendly understanding and trustworthy,

   I would like to quote a personal example here. This incident just happened last year when a couple of my relatives came with arms to threaten my father. Me and my mother were on the door and screaming our lungs out at them. Hearing our voices my neighbor, a very pious lady, came to our house with her guards and sons. She helped us to get our relatives reported to the police and that’s not it she walked beside my family in every trial concerning this issue. Now that truly is a quality of a good neighbor! She turned better then our relatives also, a helpful and faithful friend, indeed.

  Another quality of a good neighbor is to be trustworthy. A neighbor always has some knowledge about what is going on in the four boundaries of a house. This is because he lives so close to you, he can hear voice, see your appearances,  observe who comes to your house and who goes; at what time. Basically, a can gossip about half of the things happening in your life. That is where the quality of a good neighbor comes in. A good neighbor should be trustworthy and sensible enough to not leak out one's family secrets.  

   I believe that neighbors are very close people and being a good neighbor is a duty that everyone should fulfill. It highlights the basic concept of give and take. As a neighbor is the nearest person to one in the darkest hour of the night also, therefore one should always be a good neighbor so that he is also treated in the same manner when he is need.